Start of the Sunday School Academic Year 2024

Following the Holy Qurbana celebrated on Sunday 7th January, the Sunday School community ushered in the new academic year today with spirited enthusiasm. Vicar Fr. Happy Jacob led a dynamic general class that resonated with laughter, learning, and a shared sense of faith.

Fr. Happy Jacob guided students and staff through a lively singing session, creating an atmosphere alive with the harmonious spirit of unity. The congregation joined in the chorus, setting the tone for what promises to be an engaging and spiritually enriching year. The Vicar led the class in prayers, seeking divine blessings for the journey ahead. Emphasising the vital role of Sunday School in our community and church, Fr. Happy Jacob underscored the significance of spiritual growth and learning in his address.

An exciting development in Sunday School is the introduction of a new and revised curriculum for the upcoming year. Fr. Happy Jaocb expressed his anticipation for the positive impact this innovation will have on the spiritual growth and knowledge of the students, showcasing the church’s commitment to providing a dynamic and relevant educational experience. As the Sunday School community anticipates the unfolding of this academic year, parents and guardians are encouraged to actively engage with their children’s educational journey. Sunday School, a cornerstone of spiritual development, offers a platform where faith flourishes, friendships form, and the love of God is shared.

May this new academic year be a period of grace, learning, and community bonding. As the Sunday School embarks on this journey together, united in the love of Christ, we look forward to witnessing the growth and transformation that the coming months will undoubtedly bring.